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 Berinsfield Information & Volunteer Centre

Registered Charity, No: 1082301.

Berinsfield Information & Volunteer Centre has been providing support to Berinsfield and surrounding communities for over 30 years.  We act as an information hub for the village and offer support and advice for the community.

This is just some of the valuable work we do:

  • Tax credits
  • Benefits
  • Welfare rights
  • Housing
  • Pensions
  • Social support
  • Consumer rights
  • Food bank
  • Good Neighbour Scheme (support with transport, medication and reaching hospital appointments)
  • Literacy assistance (help with reading e.g. post, medication etc.)
  • Photocopying and printing services
  • Information & communications, such as the Village Voice
  • Events, e.g. weekly coffee mornings and the Berinsfield Village Fete

We also support the development of projects that will benefit the local community, for example the Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme (BCIS). In addition, we are embarking upon new projects, working with other agencies in the village in an effort to build stronger community bonds and relay a sense of unity within the community.